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We work with project developer such as Energiegewinner eG who have a solid track record in completing projects.


Köln-Müngersdorf, 135,14 kWp

"Sporthalle Badenstedt",
Hannover, 70,20 kWp

"KiTa Mischka / MZG",
Auerbach, 47,50 kWp


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NTS X-Wind is a highly innovative airborne wind energy project that uses kites to pull carriages round a track to generate electricity. They are about to enter their next build and test phase and want to raise funds from members of the public who support their pioneering spirit. To date, tests have been done on a linear track. This new phase involves testing continuous movement on a circular track.

Airborne wind technologies are very efficient at converting wind to electricity and hold a lot of promise for the transition to renewables moving into production in the coming year.

NTS X-Wind offer you the opportunity to be involved in the next stage of their history.

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